Celebrity look a like, trade show presenter and kramer impersonator, Ozmo Kramer, your Kramer look a like is the perfect celebrity double and celebrity look a like to star as a kramer
impersonator for convention entertainment. Ozmo Kramer , Kramer impersonator is the perfect ceremony master idea for a ceremony master joke at your trade show, convention or conference.

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Steve rubbing elboes

Ozmo with

Ozmo Kramer
rubbing more than elbows with the rich and famous

Steve with motorcycle gang

Ozmo Kramer with chicks

with a fan

Steve with a fan
Steve Jerry Carrey

Ozmo Kramer
with Jerry
and Jim gang

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Kramer impersonator and celebrity look-a-like is sure to spice up your event with entertainment. Kramer impersonator, Steve Ostrow, can double as Kramer for convention entertainment, a master of ceremony joke and trade show entertainment. Steven Ostrow is a one of a kind celebrity impersonator, Kramer impersonator, Kramer double, and celebrity look a like performing as your trade show presenter or conference presenter as the Seinfeld Kramer. The similarities between Ozmo Kramer and Cosmo Kramer are striking. For real entertainment with a celebrity impersonator at your events call Ozmo Kramer today for information on booking the celebrity impersonator and classic celebrity look a like at your event.