Celebrity look a like, trade show presenter and kramer impersonator, Ozmo Kramer, your Kramer look a like is the perfect celebrity double and celebrity look a like to star as a kramer
impersonator for convention entertainment. Ozmo Kramer , Kramer impersonator is the perfect ceremony master idea for a ceremony master joke at your trade show, convention or conference.

Early in life, life went astray working as a lawyer.  With almost 20 years of stand-up routine before courtrooms, Ozmo Kramer was launched Halloween 1996.  After seeing the movie Trial and Error and seeing Kramer play a lawyer, this lawyer knew he could play Kramer.  Wanting to give up his day job and polyester ties, Ozmo's appearences have been made at numerous venues.

Member of the Imitators of Rock Legends,
All-Star Celebrity Review


A graduate from Rick Stevens School of Improvisation in San Diego, and 8 year Toastmaster, spontaneous success was achieved in the
look-alike and improvisational worlds.
For 1997-98, his first year of improvisational comedy, Steve won the prestigious Reel Award in recognition of Big Mouth Comedy presented by International Celebrity Images and his lookalike peers.  With the Seinfeld finale frenzy in full swing in 1998, Steve was awarded the best Seinfeld character lookalike by
The Miami Herald,
Las Vegas casinos
and San Diego

most dubious

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